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If you are alone or you are a group of friends would like to go on an expedition and realize your dream, the best method is to contact me. Sometimes, unfortunately, I am in places where this contact is impossible, so if I do not answer the phone or call back, leave me a message on my email, I will definitely reply and together we will determine the date and place. In the realization of dreams the most difficult is the first step ...

I can guarantee two things: great fishing adventure and competitive prices.

As a rule, the expeditions are held in such a way, that we meet at the airport and since that time the participants until the end of the expedition are under my care.

On my website you will find expeditions in various regions of Russia, with varying degrees of difficulty, but even these the most difficult ones are not survival expeditions. All of my tours have two goals: experience of great fishing adventures and ensure the safety of all participants.

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Irek Szatlach

Arctic char fishing


Best trophy Taimen and Arctic Char north of Russia fishing trips.

- This north of Russia fishing expedition is perhaps what you are looking for. None of our fishermen leave without trophies - we know all the best taimen rivers, places, time and conditions for fishing, the best baits for catching Taimen, because we have been fishing in Evenkia for 15 years. The largest trophy taimen caught in our expeditions, weighed 42 kg. That's where the territory is called "pole of inaccessibility" -  virgin land for fishermen. On the Putorana plateau you can go to places where people have never been, literally "no human foot". Evenkia is the territory in the North of Central Siberia in Russia. East of the Yenisei river, in the basins of the Kotuy river, Lower Tunguska and Podkamennaya Tunguska. Evenkia is municipal district of Krasnoyarsk Krai, with the center in the village of Tura, with area of 768 thousand km (4.5% of the territory of Russia), home to only about 15 thousand people, the majority – in three villages. At example France has 643 801 km² and over 60 million people. Read more ...


Salmon fishing in Russia KamchatkaPremium salmon fishing in Russia on Kamchatka for true connoisseurs! 22-30 July 2020 - 3 places free!


Kamchatka fishing base in the middle of nowhere.  Incredible Kamchatka trophy class fishing for prime salmon species - your outstanding live trip. King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Chum Salmon, Red Salmon, Steelhead. Once you landed in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski just relax and don’t worry about anything. You will be welcome there by our staff (English speaking guide). Since this moment all charters, comfortable accommodation, delicious dinning and excellent fishing it all be provided by our professional team.100% safety: our no helicopter transfer to remote and wild river give you prove will never miss your fly back home or fishing day because of bad weather, the second goal in this case is good price for this outstanding trip. Read more...

Siberia taimen fishing adventure on Yenisei River tributaries in wild taiga 12-24.06.2020 - booked! 02-10.09.2020 - booked!

2600 EUR/per!


If you dream about a wonderful Russia fishing trip for little money into the Siberian taiga, up the tributaries of the great Yenisei  River and do not be afraid to leave everything for a few days sleeping in real hunting huts, if you think about seeing Russia that you will not find in guidebooks, this is an expedition for You. The beginning of this trip is the city of Krasnoyarsk where I will met you at the airport, located in central Russia. This is where we set off further north to gradually move away from civilization, mobile phones and television. All included from Krasnoyarsk to your back to Krasnoyarsk. Groups of 5 anglers with English speaking guide 2600 EUR/per! The price of the trip includes a full complex of services under this plan from the moment you arrive to the Krasnoyarsk group until its abandonment. That is: English speaking guide - me (from arrival to Krasnoyarsk to the fly group from Krasnoyarsk), Read more ...

Real wild fishing adventure in Russia. River Fatyaniha. 15-30 August 2020 - 3 free places!


The River certainly can be called one of the most rich, beautiful and interesting rivers in the north of Russia. This wild taiga river with clean water and wonderful landscapes, sometimes mountainous, having a lot of shoals, and somewhere flat, with a calm flow. If you want to hunt for the legendary taimen, sleep in a real hunting hut, in the middle of a virgin taiga, ride with us on one of the most beautiful rivers away from civilization. Here, with real hunters, you will see and feel the Russia about which they wrote travelers. We will take you there with modern speed-boats, to places where only a few reach. Here there are no telephones, no television, there is only the sound of the river, a splash of fish in the water and the smell of dishes cooked on the open fire. Read more...

Sakhalin - fishing at the end of the world: sakhalin taimen, siberian taimen, chum, koho, pink salmon, white spotted char and others.


Undoubtedly, Sakhalin is one of the most interesting fishing areas not only of Russia but also of the world.

On Sakhalin there are two types of taimens - Siberian Tajmen and Sakhalin Tajmen called chervica or sea taimen. Salmonidae such as: chum, pink, sockeye, coho, brook masu, white spotted char, dolly varden, lenok, arctic grayling and many others fish species make this place unique for everyone angler. There is no way to skip the Ussuri witefish and amur pike who has a completely different colors and is an exeptional trophy. Read more ...

Yacutia taimen fishing RussiaFishing in Yakutia – close to the Arctic Circle with ship and pontoons. North Russia fishing.

5 places in next season (August 2020)

Fish: Taimen, lenok, sturgeon, grayling, pike, perch, ide and other river fish species

During the trip we will fish both: from the ship, boats and from the shore, in the most interesting places, and we take a small boats to go up fishing on Lena tributaries, leaving our ship-base in the lower parts of the rivers to camp and fishing legendary taimen, grayling and trout in mountain rivers and soak up the local raw nature and views. Fishing and camping in such places makes a big impression, especially when you consider that the from nearest village we sometimes hundreds of kilometers. When fishing on the tributaries we camp in tents, cook meals over open fire and after two-three days we return to comfort live on our ship and sail further for the next adventure in the next tributary of the Lena vast river. Read more...


In the realization of dreams, the most difficult is the first step. So if you are alone or have a group of friends and you are dreaming of a fishing trip to Russia, just contact me. Sometimes, unfortunately, I am in a place where there is no telephone or internet, do not worry, I will call you back or write back as soon as I have the opportunity so we could fix all the chapters of your dream expedition.


With regards: Irek Szatlach

Taimen fishing in Russia

Khabarovsk Area Taimen, Lenok and Amur Pike 30.05-06.06.2020


The river, which is still dominated by large taimen. Fishing in Russia away from human habitations, known only to a few, preserved its unique character. Not reveal its name, we want the remaining its beauty, so we can enjoy fishing with great taimen, lenok, grayling and Amur pike up to 12 kg in it’s down stream. Unspoiled nature of this river has allowed to keep such a large fish population. Virgin taiga with its disordered character, often fallen trees, emphasize the beauty and wild character of the river. The principle of the catch is C&R, it allows you to maintain such a large population of big trophy taimen and other species. Expedition advantages: one of the best taimen rivers, there is no helicopter transfer so we can offer really good price, excellent camp equipment. Read more...

Irek Szatlach

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Siberia Russia fishing tripsA Siberian Russia fishing expedition to the land of the Evenks. July 2020 - 6 places free! 2350 EUR/per - NEW!


During this Russia fishing expedition we will visit the areas where the Evenks live - an ancient people of fishermen and hunters, who lived here much earlier than the Russians arrived. Thanks to the acquaintances we made during our last expedition to those regions, we will be able to fish on rivers that are only in their possession. Fishing in these waters requires a permit from the elders, the average Russian cannot fish there, we have such a permit, thanks to the fact that we fish there taimen on a "C&R" basis and the rest we took only for current meal. These are wonderful rivers rich in fish of a completely wild character, with wonderful places that will be remembered forever. Groups 6 persons. 2650 EUR/per