Russia exclusive fishing on Lena River from the cruse and boats above Arctic Circle.

Area: Yacutia, Yakutsk, Zhighansk, Tiksi. 

Rivers: Lena and tributaries: Unduljugt, Yanishka and other

Fish spices: Hucho taimen (up to 30 kg), grayling (up to 2 kg), pike (up to 20 kg), Siberian trout (lenok) up to 6 kg, whitefish and perch. On the river Lena trophies - broad whitefish, sturgeon,  muksun,  Arctic cisco.

Fishing methods: spinning, fly fishing, other

The number of participants: 6 -7

Season: June-September

Cost: on demand

Fishing schedule:

Fishing will be conducted in two ways. First we take on board of our ship in Yakutsk or Zhigansk.  Our ship was build specially dedicated for fishing trips on the Lena River and its tributaries.

Optimal groups are 6-7 people max 8. There is two cabins for anglers, open deck with tent, shower with cold and hot water available on the stops too, dining room, kitchen with professional cook, and every navigation and safety devices needed for safety trip on this vast and dangerous river. So we start with living and fishing from the ship and river banks make stops in interesting spots along Lena River (2-3 days). Here our fishing goals are giant pikes (really big up to 20 kg), sturgeons, broad whitefish, muksu and omul.

Next we go to the tributaries moving up as high we can by ship, than changing for small boats or pontoons with engine and go up the stream (about 80 km)with professional fishing guides (locals) for taimen, grayling, pike, whitefish (sig), perch and most important for great adventure. There we sleep in tents by the river and fishing or doing whatever you want all day (we are up Nord so days are long). Usually we stay on the one river for about 3 days and back on our ship to change place and river. At example three days on the river Unduljug and three days on Djanishku. But of course we can change it according to the wishes, weather conditions, water level and advices from local guides.

During the trip we have full board accommodation (3 meals a day making by professional cook)

During the trip we will fish both: from the ship, boats and from the shore, in the most interesting places, and we take a small boats to go up fishing on Lena tributaries, leaving our ship-base in the lower parts of the rivers to camp and fishing legendary taimen, grayling and trout in mountain rivers and soak up the local raw nature and views. Fishing and camping in such places makes a big impression, especially when you consider that the from nearest village we sometimes hundreds of kilometres. When fishing on the tributaries we camp in tents, cook meals over open fire and after two-three days we return to comfort live on our ship and sail further for the next adventure in the next tributary of the Lena vast river.

This kind of logistic give us best moving possibilities – even better than by helicopter when you are transported to the one particular place and live there to the end of the trip, and the second reason it is much more interesting and comfortable than helicopter.

 During the expedition we have provided three meals a day prepared by our chef, local care by local professional anglers and my humble self as a guide and interpreter.

 Yacutia -  Comprising half of the Far Eastern Federal District, it is the largest subnational governing body by area in the world at 3,083,523 square km compared with other countries. It is larger than Argentina and just smaller than India which covers an area of 3,287,590 square km (1,269,350 sq mi). Its capital is the city of Yakutsk.

The mighty Lena River is the second biggest river in water volume in Russia (after the Yenisei) and 9-10th longest in the world, yet it is virtually unknown outside of Russia. The 4,400km river starts in the mountains to the west of Lake Baikal and snakes through north eastern Siberia until it floods into the Laptev Sea in the Arctic Ocean.


Contact: Irek Szatlach

tel. +48 534 628 458

Yacutia - fishing expedition you will never forget.