Fishing in Yakutia – close to the Arctic Circle with ship and pontoons. 5 places in next season (August 2020)

Fish: Taimen, lenok, sturgeon, grayling, pike, perch, ide and other river fish species

The transport scheme is very simple. You arrive in Yakutsk by Moscow, I meet you at the air port (morning fly) and immediately go to the ship and put forward to the venue of our fishing. This is a natural Park Ust-vilyuysky or they call this area the area of Forty Islands. There is a mountain river Daniska, where we fished for taimen. The distance from Yakutsk down the Lena River is about 560 km. At the end of fishing back to Yakutsk and you fly away.

The best time for fishing for taimen is the beginning of August. At this time, the taimen begins to descend from the mountain rivers to Lena and catch it very likely, close to 100%. How many years I work, at this time of summer my guests without taimen practically did not leave. Of course, 100 percent in the wild, even the Almighty will not give, so it makes sense to increase the tour, because the weather can bring, that is, a storm or rain, then the water becomes dirty in the river and nothing is caught, you need to wait until cleared. And this time, you can catch pike, perch and others, river fish elsewhere. That's this good there's a huge number and enormous size, will catch 100%.


Yacutia fishing pike



The ship project KS-110-32 built in Kostroma in 2006 on order. On the ship 3 cabins — 4 and 5-seater for passengers and cabin for crew.

The optimal passenger capacity of the ship is 6 people. There is also a company cabin, galley, shower, toilet, 2 heaters Webasto, air conditioning.

The ship has a diesel generator 220V. 2 freezers to store your catch, 3 PVC boats with motors. At the stern of the ship is a promenade deck and a place for cutting fish.



There is nothing tastier than lunch in nature!


It offers 3 motor boats, explore the fishing area!


An experienced gamekeeper will always tell you the best place for fishing!




• Day 1: Yakutsk – Lena river. Arrival at Yakutsk airport in the morning. Transfer from the airport by car to the parking lot of the ship – 30-40 minutes. Loading and landing on the ship. Departure from the river port. Distance from Yakutsk to fishing location – 560 km travel Time 24 hours down the Lena, in the absence of the storm.

• Day 2: Arrival to the mouth of the river. Fishing in the surrounding area. Preparation of equipment and boat for the upcoming fishing on the river Danishka taimen.

• 3-9 Day: Sport fishing on the rivers Daniska, Lena, and surrounding ducts. Departures by boat in the morning for 2-3 people in the boat. The ascent up the river Danishka at a distance depending on water levels. Fishing in the shallows from the shore and boats.

• Days 10-11: Departure in the direction of Yakutsk. The final departure time is set by the captain. The return trip against the current takes up to 48 hours.

• Day 12: Arrival in Yakutsk. Transfer to the hotel or directly to the airport.

* Warning! Due to the fact that the weather at the river is determined by the Mother Nature, the schedule corrects the captain.


Season: June-September

Fish: Taimen, lenok, sturgeon, grayling, pike, perch, ide and other river fish species

Duration: 12 days

Group: optimally 5 people

The tour price includes:

• Organization and conduct of a fishing tour

• 3 meals a day

• Accommodation on the ship

• Provision of boats with motors in the amount of 3 pieces

• Hunting and English translate service

•Fishing licences

Not included:

• International fly tickets

•Obtain visa costs

•Hotel and maintenance in Yakutsk (if necessary)

• Liquor

• Gear and equipment

• Insect repellent.

• individual insurance (compulsory)

Cost of the trip (group of 5 anglers)

 – 4300 EUR/person


Contact: Irek Szatlach

tel. +48 534 628 458

Me and friendly, qualified team of the ship will make your trip as comfortable and memorable as possible. We look forward to seeing You aboard our vessel. Come to us in Yakutia and we will organize You such a stunning fishing trip that You will remember for a lifetime!