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Taimen fishing RussiaRafting and fishing on Russian rivers -  perhaps the best way to combine travel, fishing and recreation. The constantly changing landscape, more and more fishing space and no sound except the noise of the mountain river, the rustle of the leaves on the trees and splashes of jumping out fish of the water. Rafting and fishing are absolutely magnificent journey that allows you to not only renounce all worldly problems, but also to test themselves. Check, if you are ready to leave the cell phone, business, jobs, all the problems and get to where there is only you and your fishing rod.


I must say that already on the way to us, you feel the vastness and richness of the Siberian expanses. More and more moving away from civilization, you will dive into the world of extraordinary experiences of communicating with the river, taiga, cheerful companions, and the unique nature of our seats.


Organization alloy of the Siberian river in Russia is quite complex and requires good preparation. Do not go on this journey with untested people. Rafting on the rivers of Siberia suggest meeting with the wild animals, which are not rarely dangerous to humans. In the fall, during the rut, do not try to take a picture next to the released elk or deer. At this time they are rather aggressive and can attack anyone. And such a beast, like a bear, generally quite unpredictable, so do not attract its caught fish or a can of condensed milk. Maybe it will be very different preferences. Therefore, Siberia fishing trips Russiaduring the fishing alloy, be extremely careful. Mountain rivers are fraught with many dangers: the slippery rocks, cliffs, deep holes, rifts with boiling water. Each participant of the alloy must be prepared for a wild of Siberia. Pay special attention to the issues of alcohol. Do not start the morning with a good vodka shot. Leave it for the evening. Then the bite will be better, and the liver will be healthy :)


Depending on the area and the river, we use different modes of transport: ships with boats a. e. in Yacutia, pontoons, hovercrafts, or high-speed airboat which allow us to reach inaccessible places really. We always adapt the expedition to fishing methods: spinning, casting or fly fishing.


Accommodation during the fishing alloy depends on the chosen route and the river. Very often guides accompanying the group are hunters, engaged fishing in the region and having on the river banks hunting huts in which  we stay to wait out bad weather or just stay overnight. A large part of the journey takes place in a constant dynamic and changing fishing spots, so the campground is the most convenient and comfortable form of accommodation. The campground is divided by the participants of the tour led by a guide. The tents are easy to install and comfortable enough (double and single tent with a vestibule). In addition, there are bigger tents - tent for the kitchen and a tent for sauna.


Alloy is considered ideal from 6 to 10 days provided one or two days in one place. Since the start of the expedition the fishermen stands one of the most important questions - what to catch. The choice of bait is a very important point in time, and Fishing trips to Russia Amur Pikepicked up the lure or jig necessary to bring the trophy to the angler that he wanted to get. Do not be afraid to experiment. Often fishermen for the first time being on the Siberian land, do not use large bait and believe that there is no fish that can bite on a good wobler or any other large bait. This is a big mistake. Do not be afraid of large baits. Strong of mountain rivers often do not allow sink the light baits to the bottom and big fish will not always spend their forces in the pursuit of the young fish.


If you have never participated in such an event, as an alloy with fishing, do not waste time, get your friends together and go into the unknown distance. This holiday, for which you want to live and which is not a pity to spend your vacation.


During the rafting on the rivers of Russia, you will be surrounded by the beauty of the rich northern nature, untouched by man. For security and organization of the alloy, accompanied by members of the group will be the guide, which has experience in the hunting of large wild animals, as well as a knowledgeable perspective places of fishing. During the time of the fishing tour group members will be provided with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.

Fishing is carried out only on the principle of "catch and release". The only exception is fish, which received a wound it can be take for preparing traditional northern dishes, which will satisfy even true gourmets.


Wild travel to Russia

Relax in my trips is based on the rational use of natural resources. We are interested in preserving the fragile harmony between man and nature.

For personal safety, fishing alloy participants must listen carefully to the recommendations of the guide and follow safety rules.

During the rafting is conducted on the following fishing species:

Taimen - the brightest and most powerful representative of the salmon! The fight for this fish can not forget no one, even the most experienced fisherman. Taimen is very hardy. Landing of fish, which has decided to fight the fisherman turns into an exciting fight! Taimen jumps out of the water making a candle for the candle and does not give up, even once on shore. Many fishermen noticed that every instance of this type is if the character and mood. Everyone behaves differently when playing, and everyone has their own preferences in choosing baits.

Grayling - a real dude Siberian rivers. There is no doubt that during this beautiful alloy and active fishing will give you peace of mind! Dimensions northern grayling exceed all expectations. A regular bite a couple of days expedition tourists perceived as punishment.

Ide - is not only the hero of the video clips on the Internet. This fish, representing the family of carp in freshwater rivers of SiberiaLenok siberian trout. Often in ponds where ide feels comfortable, it reaches the size of 0.4-0.5 meters in length and a weight of 2 to 4 kg. But even the biggest ide can not feel safe because of the most common predator of Siberian rivers - the pike.

Northern pike - this is illegible, voracious, predatory fish these places. It eats fish fry of all species, including their relatives, and when it grows up, starts to attack ducks, muskrats and rather large fish. In Siberia, there are cases where pike attacked a man. The size of the average pike during the alloy of about 10 kg, but there are also more worthy specimens that travelers are happy no less than taimen

Amur Pike - endemic species, occured only in one place in the world - River Amur tributaries. Its beautiful mottled skin resembles a leopard. But the size is comparable to the ordinary pike. The far east of Russia is the fountain of his kingdom, for this unique trophy we have to choose to Chabarovsk Country.

Perch - in Siberia, sometimes there are instances, reaching 0.5 m in length and a weight of 2-3 kg. Large perch is very agile, strong and predatory fish. It does not descend to any living creature, from the small water insects to fairly large fish, as long as it fell within his ability and can fit in its mouth wide. Perch is traditionally one of the most suitable for cooking fish soup.

Lenok (Siberian trout) - a mixture of whitefish and salmon. An essential inhabitant Siberian mountain rivers. We are pleased to bite a lure all sorts of forms, and the fly-fishing tackle. Every self-respecting fisherman must get acquainted with this unusually beautiful and noble fish.

Siberian rivers are also home to the whitefish, burbot and many other fish species.



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