The tours, procedure and reservation.


The majority of tours is conducting In this way: Upon arrival in Khabarovsk You will be greeted by me and guides, then by a comfortable bus, the group travels to the village Briakan, where is the helicopter, and from where getting to the most Northern rivers and the Shantar archipelago. Journey time to the village take about 14 hours, distance about 700 km, 400 km by asphalt  and 300 km are ground roads. At the airport we have a residential trailer "Hilton", equipped with bunks, stove and kitchen. In the morning ( if weather permitting) by helicopter group flies into the river.

Further, the alloy according to the program. Back end point of the alloy group also flies in the village Briakan and then by bus transfer to Khabarovsk. When planning your return flight we recommend to have one-two days in reserve in case of bad weather. We work with a good airline, but the pilots are not magicians – they fly through the weather, but a helicopter is not an all-weather vehicle! On our way is two high mountain ranges at two thousand meters, so safety is first. Khabarovsk is a beautiful city and it is better to devote one day of sightseeing than thing about maybe miss the plane and you have lost the tickets... it is also desirable that copies of e-tickets left in Your proxies, in the event of bad weather it was possible to postpone the date of departure.

Typically the standard groups is 6-7 fishermen. (7 people is optimal from the point of view of the budget, since most of the cost of the tour is the cost of the helicopter, and these costs, which is 5 people, 7  is the same). With a group fused 3 guide, translator and cook. A total of 12 people, plus the gear, food, personal items. This is approximately two tons - the maximum load of the helicopter Mi-8

We provide all group equipment, You only gear, clothes, sleeping bag and personal kit.

We offers service options: STANDARD and VIP .

"STANDARD" implies three instructors in the group, translator and guide and the chef. Tourists are engaged in fishing, with all the same work camp, cooking, etc. do the guides.

Moreover according to Your desire on the journey, we can shoot and edit the film include a group of professional videographer.

Practically every tour (expedition) is developed individually and the cost depends on many factors: the underlying transport options for getting to the point of getting, cost of helicopter at this time, the number of people in the group, timing and duration, level of service, etc.

Most of the budget of the tour consists of transport costs, mainly the cost of the helicopter. To understand the price level, the cost of the MI-8 helicopter in the Khabarovsk territory in 2015, roughly 130 thousand rubles. per hour and above. In the North of the Khabarovsk territory the cost per flight hour 160 thousand RUB.  Plaque for two flights on the UDA river, Udachin, May, Shantar archipelago is 7 – 8.5 hours, Savli - 6.5 hours, Namelen - 2.5 hours, Anyui - 3 hours, the Samarga - 7 hours.

Used equipment: For fishing and rafting down the mountain-taiga rivers we use 14-20 foot rafts with motors from 3-5 HP Motors this quiet and economical. The use of such motors has many advantages, namely: safety, comfort , and fast movement speed. Rafting on mountain rivers are unpredictable and often dangerous because of the treacherous combs, snags, sandbars and other obstacles, and often need to paddle hard, to go in the right direction or go around the obstacle. With the motor like this can be done easily and quickly. On the mountain rivers fish usually immediately follows the roll at the beginning of the pit, at the mouth of tributary streams, bays, and on the way out of the pit before rolling. The middle part of the long bends are usually empty and there's a rare bite. The motor provides the ability to quickly pass these areas to pay more attention to promising places. So the same motor gives you the opportunity to stand in the stream to fish in a good pit, go back to unhook the lure, walk the bays and So the use of motors in the alloy significantly increases the comfort of the efficiency of fishing.

For traveling to the Shantar archipelago and Octomore Bay we have built a base that can accommodate 40 people . On the basis of available houses, kitchen, dining room, bath, and observation deck for whale watching and speed boat RIBA for excursions to the Islands.

Tents: Very comfortable Maverik and Salewa . Under the kitchen-dining room we use prefabricated tents Maverik Cosmos . From the equipment mandatory a portable generator (for charging the cameras, the light in the camp, etc.), camping furniture, utensils, coolers for perishable products, chainsaw, satellite phone , portable radios, gas or diesel cooking hob , Hiking bath. The equipment will allow You to feel the journey safe and comfortable.

In the event of adverse weather conditions ( cyclone, flooding, inclement weather), in agreement with the customer the tour can be rescheduled or replaced by another similar tour on another river.


Personal items for rafting , which should have everyone !!!


Bag 120L.(DRYBAG) waterproof for all things 1pcs SURE !!!

Waders GORE-TEX 1pcs

Jacket GORE-TEX 1pcs

Boots (for camp) 1pc needed

Thermal underwear 2pcs

Jacket (fleece ,a second layer) 1pc

Puff ( sleeveless ) 1pc needed


Cap or Panama 1pcs

Fishing gloves 1pcs

Insulated gloves 1pcs

Working gloves 1pcs

Socks (thermal) 3pcs

Suit camouflage 1pc

Sneakers 1pcs

Slippers (CROCS type, closed) 1pcs In need

Hoba ( podzhopnik ) 1pc needed

Suit (GORE-TEX) for camp 1pcs as needed

1pcs knife hunting MUST !!!

Multitool ( LETHERMAN) 1pc

Lighter 1pcs SURE !!!

Watch 1pcs SURE !!!

Flashlight ( PETZL or similar) 1pc headlamp is a must !!!

Batteries ( various ) 10pcs

First aid kit (personal) 1pc

1pcs GPS as needed

Fishing tackle 1pcs

Sun glasses ( polarized ) 1pc needed

Chemical warmers ( for shoes) 10pcs as needed

Sleeping bag ( synthetic insulation only ) 1piece

1pcs mosquito net as needed

Mosquito repellent 1pc as needed



Tour booking as follows: By e-mail:  You make the claim. To avoid a long correspondence please specify as much detail as possible an application (when, where, how many are You, and what You would like). Once negotiated and agreed all the details of the tour, a contract is signed and the tourist pays for the advance payment (30% of the tour price). After receipt of payment the tour is booked.

Taimen fishing on Amur River tributaries - Khabarovsk Area.