The River certainly can be called one of the most rich, beautiful and interesting rivers in the north of Russia. This wild taiga river with clean water and wonderful landscapes, sometimes mountainous, having a lot of shoals, and somewhere flat, with a calm flow. Taimen fishing on. The river take place not on major it tributaries, but some off on flowing into streams and small rivers, deserve anglers attention  and can surprise catchability of the places. The surroundings of the river are rich in wildlife, berries and mushrooms.
In the upper of its part Fatyaniha is not accessible by normal boat, which makes it inaccessible to a large number of fishermen, and retains the original beauty and wealth of the river. It is suitable for fishing, including a trophy, and for spear fishing.
On the banks of Fatyaniha you can meet local fishermen hunters huts. Some of them you can visit and get acquainted with the way of hunting life in taiga.
Fatyaniha surely enjoy not only the fans of travel in the wilderness, but also nature lovers and a stunning trophy fishing. The variety and number of fish may surprise even experienced anglers. The main objects of fishing on the river Fatyaniha are pike, perch, burbot, grayling, whitefish and taimen of impressive size. Fishing on the river Fatyaniha is sure to be successful and will be remembered for a long time!
Getting there
The city of Krasnoyarsk from other regions of Russia is more convenient and faster way to get on the plane – there we start. It’s a big city in the middle of Russia with many hotels where usually we have a rest for one day after long fly. Next to the village Vereshagino can be reached in two ways:
1. In the navigation period (June-October) on a comfortable passenger ship, which has cabins of different classes. First Class Cabin is a double with a window on the main deck. The second class – four person cabin, window onto the deck, sink There are single cabins deluxe and junior suite too. On the cruse there is a shower, restaurant, bar, and a snack bar. The ship makes a short stop in the local villages where you can buy local food, drinks and souvenirs! We assist in the acquisition and booking tickets. The village Vereshagino ship arrives on the third day in the afternoon.

2. by airplane to Turukhansk settlement (flight time about 3 hours) and then drive to the village Vereshagino by boat (less than one day on the way), or by regular helicopter (flight performed 1 time per week, the flight time of about 3 hours).

Upon arrival, you will find a dinner, and there we start the route on our high-speed airboat to the river, from which the alloy begins with fishing.
Only at first glance, the route may seem complicated and tedious. In fact, it's not so scary. All connections and transplantation are adjusted and selected the optimal solutions. You only need to write me an email or make a phone call by saying a convenient time for you to rest, and we do have will select various options for routes and will offer them to you. Once the optimal variant is found and agreed upon, we assist in the booking and purchasing of tickets, if necessary, hotels and taxis.
Accommodation and services. Anyway I’ll meet you on Moscow or Krasnoyarsk Airport and since this moment you will be under my care.
Accommodation. In many ways, the living conditions at the time of the alloy depend on the chosen river and the season. The main form of accommodation is hunting huts by the river and a tent camp. It is set up on the bank of the river by the team of a guides. Modern tents are easy to install and quite comfortable to use. There are double and single tent with vestibule, also has a sauna tent and the tent for the kitchen.

Food. During the rafting participants provided three meals a day to feed freshly prepared hot meals and snacks at the request of the group. You will be offered a variety of dishes of the North, Russian-European cuisine, local fish specialties, homemade bread, etc. Also, depending on the season you can pick up berries, mushrooms and wild plants.
Service. In order to organize and ensure the safety of the alloy, accompanied by members of the group is a guide. The duties of the guide also includes cooking, observance of the rules of the alloy, alloy and fishing service. Tour guides accompanying the group have the weapon handling skills, the necessary documents and certificates, have been serving in the VSRF. We all have a big enough experience of hunting and fishing, know the specifics of these places, as well as the most suitable for fishing, catching capacity space.
tour cost
Minimum Duration 6 days. Cost of the tour may vary either higher or downwards depending on the increase or decrease the days of the tour, the participants number of the alloy, providing additional services and others. The final price is negotiated individually with each group.

The price includes:
 Buying, booking tickets to n. Vereshagino and back
 Transfer marina-airport and airport-marina in with. Turukhansk
 7 full days fishing
 Three meals a day, snacks (no alcoholic beverages)
 Rent airboat for the duration of an alloy
Rental equipment (huts, tents, sleeping bags, hiking rugs, PVC boat, Dryburgh, lifejackets, fire and cooking equipment, VHF radio)
Support group Tours

Assisting to obtain Russian visa

English/Russian  speaking guide from Moscow or Krasnoyarsk Airport (depends on your fly connection)

Price - 3300 EUR

The price does not include:

Obtaining visa cost
Payment in hotels
 Rental gear, lures
Alcohol, cigarettes

Tour program
Day One - Arrival in Turuhansk, trabsfer by motor boat (about 200 km) to the  vilage Vereshagino, travel to the River Fatyaniha the upper reaches, to the base camp, preparing equipment, night in hunting hut
Day Two – Eight – fishing
Day nine -  Vereshagino, landing on the ship in willage Vereshagino or transfer by motor boat and fly back to Krasnoyarsk..
Itinerary approximate and adjusted for each individual group. At your request, the program output excursion into the forest, visit the abandoned quarry, where mined graphite may be added.
What you should bring:
- Waders
- Waterproof insulated jacket
- Warm tracksuit
- raincoat
- Mosquito hut or suit
- Tracksuit for relaxation, preferably with tight cuffs at the wrists and ankles
- Shoes or sneakers
- Slippers or slates
- Hat, mosquito net
- Anti-mosquito repellent
- Personal first aid kit and your medicines
- Hunting knife (for transportation in an airplane put in main lagguage)
- Photo and video cameras in hard covers Case with batteries or power bank
- personal hygiene items
- sleeping bag
- Head Torch
- earplugs (if you need so)

Recommended fishing equipment:
- Rods for catching small and big fish (fly rods are welcome too)
- A set of different baits
- Landing net, fishing pliers and unclamping
- Scale and measuring tape to measure the fish
We provide a fishing license, which are issued to the guide!
Insurance against ticks is not necessary, as we have them NO!


Contact: Irek Szatlach

tel. +48 534 628 458


Taimen fishing on the River in Russia

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