Trophy taimen, lenok and amur pikes on Amur River tributaries. 30.05-06.06.2020 - 6 places left!



Taimen fishing Russia. Fishing tour along the great river.


Trophy taimen fishing in RussiaWe call Foamy this river - beautiful rock clamps and rich in fish mold, breathtaking plums and taimen pits, emphasize the individuality and peculiarity of this river. The spectacular chaos of the fallen trees makes the route unforgettable in its brightness of the impression of traveling fishermen. The remoteness from settlements and tourist routes allows to preserve the richness of flora and fauna and valid trophy catch of this confirmation. Our motto is to catch and release and that is why the river catches taimen up to 36 kg and lenoks (Brachymystax –native Salomonie)up to 6 kg. In the bycatch of the lower reaches, as well as in other rivers of the Amur River basin, it is obligatory to get caught in a considerable amount of Amur pike, asp, redfinch, less often - whitefish,  and during the spawning period passable salmon, in the river there is chum salmon. Very promising night fishing on this river, if the taimen is badly caught during the day, then at night it is sure to hunt and there is a chance to catch the trophy of both lenok and taimen.


Russia fishing tripsRoute: mid-lower course of the river.


Trophies: taimen, lenok, grayling, Amur pike, asp, whitefish, redfinch, chum salmon.


Duration of the tour and dates: up to 8 days.


Group: 6-8 people, optimal 6.


Optimal seasons: beginning of May - end of October until ice break.


Tour program:


Russia fishing trips. Taimen fishing RussiaMeeting at the airport Khabarovsk (arrival one day before departure to the river), accommodation in the hotel.


Day 1: Drive to the river in a large and comfortable minibus Toyota Hayes 10 seats (possibly providing a second minibus Hayes, 7 seats for an extra fee) under the guidance of an experienced driver, more than 20 years of experience and trained SUVs with a trailer, Nissan Safari or Mitsubishi Pajero (650 km on the road with different surfaces, asphalt, gravel then. We arrive at the already established camp by ferry and 50 km by car.


2-7 days: Fishing (catching promising places several times) by four waterjet boats.


Day 8: Ascent to our vehicles and return to the city of Khabarovsk in the same way as we Taimenarrived.


Accommodation in the hotel in Khabarovsk and subsequent delivery to the airport.


Boats: We use three reinforced PVC Otter boats under the water body of the yamaha 40 and a length of 4.8 meters, and one reinforced PVC boat 5.5 meters long under the water body of the yamaha 50, the boat is designed for two-three tourists, under the guidance of an experienced guide who knows the river very well and the passage of some of the halls will seem like fun.


The group is provided:  3 experienced guides, a qualified chef and a tabor assistant, the necessary equipment for the route and accommodation in the field, but comfortable conditions, three-four-seater tents Maverik (one for two people), tents 400 (kitchen) and 600 (living room) of the company Maverik, a generator of Yamaha (with the function of 12 volts), camping furniture, satellite phone (personal use paid separately), sauna, electric shower, means of repelling bears, Therma CELL anti-mosquito devices, vests (available on request), first-aid kit, walkie-talkie in each boat, as well as means of entertainment (movie projector, backgammon, chess, dominoes, Amur Pike fishing in Russiacards).

Each fisherman is given a waterproof sealed bag of 120 liters for personal belongings, a folding bed and an inflatable sleeping mattress of the company "Therm-a-rest".

Meals: Three meals a day, various fish dishes (ears, cutlets, fish in sweet sauce and so on), seafood, caviar, wild fresh meat (deer, dried, wild boar), milk porridge, eggs with crabs and crab, and so on, you can discuss the menu in advance at your request.


Cost of the tour:

A group of 8 people 3300 EUR/per

Group of 6 people 3450 EUR/per

Less than 6 people, the price by agreement.


The price includes: Russian/English guiding, all ground transfers - meeting the group, transfer to the river and the return of the group from the route to the hotel and then to the airport, providing equipment and rafting facilities, meals on the route, the work of instructors, cooks and tabor assistants, registration of the group in the Ministry of Emergency Situations for unforeseen situations.


The price does not include: accommodation in the hotel before and after the tour, cigarettes, beer and alcohol, purchased separately (at the request of the tourist).




Contact: Irek Szatlach

tel. +48 534 628 458




Irek Szatlach

tel. +48 534 628 458