Siberia tributaries of the Yenisey - about 800 km north of Krasnoyarsk. Group of 5 people - September 18-30, 2018


If you dream about a wonderful fishing trip for little money into the Siberian taiga, up the tributaries of the great Yenisei  River and do not be afraid to leave everything for a few days sleeping in real hunting huts, if you think about seeing Russia that you will not find in guidebooks, this is an expedition for You. The beginning of this trip is the city of Krasnoyarsk where I will met you at the airport, located in central Russia. This is where we set off further north to gradually move away from civilization, mobile phones and television. All included from Krasnoyarsk to your back to Krasnoyarsk. Groups of 5 anglers with English speaking guide 2600 EUR/per! The price of the trip includes a full complex of services under this plan from the moment you arrive to the Krasnoyarsk group until its abandonment. That is: English speaking guide - me (from arrival to Krasnoyarsk to the fly group from Krasnoyarsk), Read more ...

Khabarovsk Russia - an extreme trip to Russia. Taimen, lenok and beautiful Amur pike. August 20 - September 1


The river, which is still dominated by large taimen. Away from human habitations, known only to a few, preserved its unique character. Not reveal its name, we want the remaining its beauty, so we can enjoy fishing with great taimen up to 30 kg (real big population), lenok up to 7 kg, up to 2.5 kg grayling, or Amur pike up to 12 kg in it’s down stream. Unspoiled nature of this river has allowed not only to keep such a large fish population. Virgin taiga with its disordered character, often fallen trees, emphasize the beauty and wild character of the river. The principle of the catch is: catch and release, it allows you to maintain such a large population of big trophy taimen and other species. Expedition advantages: one of the best taimen rivers, there is no helicopter transfer so we can offer really good price, excellent camp equipment, very good facilities Ride more...


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