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August 2020 - Khabarovsk Area. The river, which is still dominated by large taimen. Away from human habitations, known only to a few, preserved its unique character. Not reveal its name, we want the remaining its beauty, so we can enjoy fishing with great taimen, lenok,  grayling and Amur pike up to 12 kg in it’s down stream. Unspoiled nature of this river has allowed to keep such a large fish population. Virgin taiga with its disordered character, often fallen trees, emphasize the beauty and wild character of the river. The principle of the catch is C&R, it allows you to maintain such a large population of big trophy taimen and other species. Expedition advantages: one of the best taimen rivers, there is no helicopter transfer so we can offer really good price, excellent camp equipment. Ride more...


Kamchatka fishing  22-30 July 2020 - the only free time in the next season! Your adventure starts just from your first steps on Kamchatka. From the airport you will be taken by fully equipped 4x4 jeeps, next change to the modern pontoons with motor jests engines right to our comfortable base in the middle of nowhere, far away from civilization. But the route to this magic place is worth seeing too: you will cross beautiful Bystrinsky Nature Park, roll past magnificent volcanoes and tuffets, visit hot springs and relax in its hot waters and drink mineral water just from mineral springs. We have exclusive rights to provide sport fishing trips on this river and fishing licenses are issued to the each angler. Read more ...

July 2020 - Siberia - group of 6 anglers. Taimen fishing far away from civilization in Russia. Angling adventure in the wild taiga. Taimen, lenok, Siberian pike, wild and beautiful river that other fishermen can not reach, accommodation in real hunting hats and great fishing. If you are not afraid of challenges, then this is an expedition for you. This right tributary of the Yenisei, located far to the north in the Turuhansk region, can safely be called one of the richest and most beautiful rivers of northern Russia. A typical wild river winding among the immense taiga, wonderful landscapes surprising with its beauty and wildness of Siberian nature.

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September 2020 - Evenkia - The most wild of my expeditions, 8 anglers An excellent fishing adventure. Taimen, Arctic Char and big Siberian pike - fishing in completely wild and uninhabited places, where only you can reach by helicopter. Are you ready for such an expedition? Hunting for trophy Taimen or Arctic Char in Evenkia  - north of Russia is perhaps what you are looking for. None of our fishermen leave without trophies - we know all the best taimen rivers, places, time and conditions for fishing, the best baits for catching Taimen, because we have been fishing in Evenkia for 15 years. The largest trophy taimen caught in our expeditions, weighed 42 kg. Read more...

September/Octobre 2020 - Sakhalin - 8 anglers (sakhalin taimen, siberian taimen, chum, koho, pink salmon, white spotted char and others). Undoubtedly, Sakhalin is one of the most interesting fishing areas not only of Russia but also of the world. On Sakhalin there are two types of taimens - Siberian Tajmen and Sakhalin Tajmen called chervica or sea taimen. Salmonidae such as: chum, pink, sockeye, coho, brook masu, white spotted char, dolly varden, lenok, arctic grayling and many others fish species make this place unique for everyone angler. There is no way to skip the ussuri witefish and amur pike who has a completely different colors and is an exeptional trophy. Read more ...

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