VIP fishing base Russia. In the heart of the Siberian taiga. Free week 4-11 July 2019


Trophy: Taimen can be more than 30 kg,  Lenok up to 7 kg, Grayling up to 2 kg, Pike over 17 kg


This base is located far away from human settlements in the depths of the Siberian taiga far to the north of Krasnoyarsk, close the place where the Tunguska meteorite falls, on a river full of taimen, lenok and grayling with critically clear water. In this virgin region of Russia you will not find a base with better comfort and equipment. Beautiful wooden houses perfectly harmonize with surrounding taiga. Each of the guests is accommodated in such a two-seater cottage. There is also a traditional Russian banya, which guests can use every day. After a successful fishing day, our chef will take care of preparing a wonderful meal for you with freshly caught fish or local specialties. A large mess provides not only comfort while eating meals, but also is a perfect place for evening feasts and tell stories.

The combination of maximum comfort and fishing in such extraordinary and remote places is a difficult task. The rivers here are inaccessible to ordinary boats in many places, which is why we are moving here with a specially adapted hovercraft. During the entire stay, most likely we will not meet anyone else. Only nature, great fish and a river that you will not forget for the rest of your life.



The camp has six guest double houses, open gazebos, dining room, kitchen, washing machine, comfortable toilet, shower and bath. Each guest house has electricity, beds with mattresses and a warm clothes dryer.


Three meals a day: hot Breakfast and dinner at the base, lunch on the route. For cooking use only environmental friendly products from local resources of the forest: venison, dear(elk) and upland game, produced by our Rangers, and of course, fresh fish You caught, as well as mushrooms, berries, medicinal forest herbs, which are added to the tea! A vegetarian menu is available.

Floating craft

Transfer from the Podkamennaya Tunguska to the mouth of the Bakhta river is carried out on a passenger boat KS-110. The boat is equipped with cabins with sleeping places for 10 passengers, shower, TV and a small kitchen. The transfer to the camp and the movement on the route is carried out by hovercrafts -  hovercraft Khivus-10, each of which is able to take on board a group of up to 6 fishermen. All boats are equipped with GLONASS navigation system and satellite communication.


Our guides are the indigenous inhabitants of the North. They are well aware of the local rivers, the most effective bait and fishing techniques. Professional chefs, who have adopted the experience of local old believers and the peoples of the North, will allow you to experience the full flavor of this taiga cuisine. A reliable manager is responsible for the smooth and uninterrupted work of the whole team, camp, boats and routes on the spot.

Our adventure begins in Krasnoyarsk - the main city of Siberia. From now until your departure, you are under our protection.


We accept up to 12 people team a week , we accept single fishermen in teams.


Next, there are two options to get to the fishing spot and the base itself.


The first variant (included in price) of our passenger boat KS-110 and on airboat for 8 hours (120 km along the Yenisei and 225 km along the Bakhta river), also back. (Arrival at night of the second day of the trip)

The second option  - order a helicopter, and after 1.5 hours you'll be at the base and also back, this service will be for the whole group cost about 900 thousand rubles. (Arrival on the same day, on Thursday)

The third option  to use the helicopter in one direction, then the cost is reduced in two



                                The schedule of the Shuttle service to the base.

Day 1.

05: 00 Guests arrived at Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo airport

05: 45 baggage claim, meeting guests

05:45 - 06:45 Transportation to Krasnoyarsk

06:45 - 12:30 Organization of the guests in Krasnoyask

12:30 - 13:30 transfer to airport Yemelyanovo Krasnoyarsk

13: 30-14: 30 check-in for the plane to the village of Bor

15.20 Departure to Podkamennaya Tunguska airport (p. Bor) from Yemelyanovo airport (Krasnoyarsk)

17.00 Arrival at the airport Podkamennaya Tunguska

17.30-18.00 baggage Claim, transfer to the pier

18.30-19.00 Loading to the vessel KS-110, departure.

Dinner on the way.

Rest. Sleep.

Day 2

00: 00-00.30 Arrival at the mouth of the Bakhta river, rest.

03.30 Incentive, light breakfast on the boat

04.00 loading on SVP khivus-10, transfer to the base on the Deltua river (220 km, 8-10 hours of travel with fishing stops at the discretion of the huntsman - guide).

Arrival at the base on the Deltua river, accommodation in houses, lunch.


16.00 going fishing, at the mouth of the river Jagda (9km).

Day 3

Full day fishing on the Deltua river and its tributaries

Breakfast at camp.

Lunch on route.

On return in camp - dinner, bath, recreation.

Day 4

Full day fishing on the river Deltua and its tributaries, a transfer  to the mouth of the river Yudukon.

Breakfast at camp.

Lunch on route.

On return in camp - dinner, bath, recreation.

Day 5

Full day fishing on the tributaries of the river Bakhty R. Delingde and Yukte + the mouth of the Huringda (at the discretion of the huntsman-guide, depending on the water level in the tributaries), a transfer of about 60 km.

Hike from the influx Yukte.

Breakfast at camp.

Lunch on route.

On return in camp - dinner, bath, recreation.

Day 6

Full day fishing, on the river Khuringda, transfer about 80 km, to the Rocky threshold.

Breakfast at camp.

Lunch on the route, after returning to the camp-dinner, bath, rest.

Day 7

07.30 Breakfast

08.30 Loaded with all the stuff in the khivus-10.

09.00 transfer to the mouth of Bakhta, 4 stops for fishing, rafting at the discretion of the huntsman-guide.

Lunch on route.

17.00-19.00 Arrival at the mouth of the Bakhta river, loading on the ship KS-110

19.30-20.00 Dinner, departure to p. Bor, rest, sleep.

Day 8

04.00-07.00 Arrival in p. Bor, rest. On request, transfer to the hotel.

07.00-15.00 Free time, shower, TV.

15.15 transfer to the airport Podkamennaya Tunguska. Check.

17.40 Flight to Krasnoyarsk.

19.20 arrival at Yemelyanovo airport (Krasnoyarsk)

19:20 - 20: 05 arrival at Yemelyanovo airport. Baggage claim

20:05 - 21:05 Transportation to Krasnoyarsk

21:05 Night at the hotel, free time in the morning, breakfast, transport to the airport, departure fly to the country. To determine.

The tour price includes:

 Meeting / seeing off at the airport of Krasnoyarsk

 Air domestic flight Krasnoyarsk-v. Bor (Podkamennaya Tunguska), round trip

 Transfer Bor - Base, return (+food)

 Accommodation in double houses, daily bath, shower, bathroom with white toilets

 All-inclusive meal plan

 Fishing guides in a hovercraft

 Satellite communication on routes and Internet connection on the basis of


The price does not include:

The cost of airline tickets to Krasnoyarsk, the cost of obtaining a visa.  

 Accommodation and meals at the hotel ( one or two nights) in Krasnoyarsk on the way back


Our tour is arranged for domestic air flight Krasnoyarsk-p. Bor (Podkamennaya Tunguska) , which flies every Thursday.

You need a morning flight to arrive in Krasnoyarsk, at 16 00 departure from the same airport in the village of Bor, from where the journey begins!


Due to the fact that until the first half of July “white” nights, transfer to the base is carried out on arrival in the village of Bakhta with fishing stops (at the discretion of the huntsman).

Moving through the water is not carried out in poor visibility (fog) and in the dark.

In June and most of July - night fishing. The end of July and next day light till 22.00

Irek Szatlach

tel. +48 534 628 458